My Little Mountain Lions

by Debbie
(Tulsa, OK, USA)

When my husband and I rescued our babies, we were living in a mountainous region with a lot of foresty areas and plenty of countryside, complete with coyotes and mountain lions. He and I are both runners, so we made a trip out to a country road for a run. He was running with some of his friends and I was a little ways behind when it all happened. As they were running along the road, they heard a rustle from the bushes on the side of the road. Suddenly something pounced out at them, ready to attack! The guy closest to the bushes ran the other guys over to get away from what was sure to be a mountain lion or something equally dangerous! When they turned around to catch a glimpse of the fearsome creature, they saw two black kittens running after them who were no bigger than the size of their outstretched hands! They all had a good laugh at the situation. A few minutes later, I came upon the kittens and they stole my heart. When I caught up to the guys, I told my husband that they had asked me to be their mommy :-) He said we would "consider" keeping them. We assumed they must have been dumped out in the country after asking several residents of the neighborhood and no one could identify their owner. (Although they did say they'd seen the kittens running around lately, looking for food, and that they had asked around and nobody recognized them). My husband said I could keep one, but since they were siblings

(littermates) who were likely the only left survivors of their bunch, I said I either wanted both of them or neither. If someone was going to split them up, it was not going to be me. So he agreed to letting me have both. They were quite scared of us for a little while, the little scaredy cats. But they slowly warmed up to us when they realized we would give them food! The boy was litter box trained by the end of the second day. But the girl kept going in the corner under a table (and it was not solid). When we took her to the vet, he told us she was severely dehydrated (which is the largest cause of death in wild animals). He said that if she had been out in the country for another week, the dehydration would have killed her. It took several days, but she recovered and now they are both happy cats! I had no idea how much joy these little black kitties would bring to my life. I am so happy I went on that run almost 11 months ago.

They are so cute!
by: Anonymous

Your kitties are very special and lucky to have found you. Thanks to people like you who refuse to look the other way and do it themselves (rescue) We need more people like you!
Black Kitties are Great
by: Anonymous

Your little furry family is so cute.
They are so lucky that you came their way.
I hope they will have many years of love and
happiness with you and your family.

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