My little trouble maker - Cat Rescue Story

by Benedict

B-mo and Meemow napping after we found him.

B-mo and Meemow napping after we found him.

Three months ago my step dad bought me a kitten as a celebration for joining the Army. When we first went in the shelter, I had my eye on a fluffy kitten that was just sitting in its bed. When I pointed her out to my dad, he told me I should look through them all before I pick one, so I did. I wanted to take every Kitty home so they had a place to stay instead of a cage, but soon one kitten caught my eye.

When I walked up, he was biting the bars of his cage and looking as bad as can be. I read his paper on his door and it said NO BITE HISTORY and I couldn't help but laugh. He was a tiny brown tabby and i loved him instantly.The woman at the shelter told me that I can only handle the cat if i planned on buying him, so I decided he was mine.

He played instantly in the little cat room. Now, 3 months later he's still a little trouble maker and harasses his little playmate, meemow. I named him B-mo and his partner in crime is a little calico, a month older than him, named meemow.

B-mo likes to follow me everywhere and sits outside the bathroom door, waiting for me to finish showering. He likes to stalk me around the house then ambush me when he can. He jumps onto my dressers and knocks everything off then scampers away. He sleeps with me every night and likes to shove himself into any food I'm eating.

He's a trip to be around and I'm so glad I adopted him. :) he also enjoys car rides in the Mustang! He jumps in when I open the door and chills in the passenger seat! his only downfall is his urge to follow joggers. We lost him for 4 days because of this and it was devastating. I do not understand why he does this. He is the best Kitty I've ever known and extremely loyal. I plan to adopt another sometime in the future.

Cat Rescue Story
by: Tracy

Thank you for sharing your story! It made me smile! I have 2 cats and they hate going in the car..they are indoor cats anyway and the only time they go in the car is to the vet so no wonder they do not like it. I have 2 tiger tabby cats and they are both rescues. My husband rescued them from right outside my apt. building. I feed all of the stray/feral cats on my street. I also got a volunteer from one of the rescue shelters to do Trap, neuter, and return and 2 of the friendly kitties got homes. I do what I can.I love kitties! Thank you for giving your kitties a forever home!

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Chip your kitty
by: Kathy

Sounds like chipping your kitty should be a priority, if your troublemaker likes to chase joggers and has already disappeared for a few days previously. Increases the odds for being returned to you, should that happen again. Good luck.

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