My Maine Coon hates our new cat!

by KDiddy

I have a 1&1/2 year old male maine coon mix who is Mr. Personality. He talks all the time, is sweet and snuggly, LOVES to play, and can often obsess over things - food, toys, etc. He loves water so a water bottle has never been a very useful training tool. However, we felt that he might like to have a friend as he is so high energy ~ therefore we took in a rescue female cat who is about 2 years old. She is sweet, loving, but about half the size of our maine coon (who is built like a truck). Well, our little boy DOES not like his new friend at all. He will not leave her alone, he follows her wherever she goes - basically won't let her move, eat or even go to the bathroom. He does not hiss at her, but you can tell he is being aggressive towards her and now he is starting to attack her. She is so petrified, she won't even let him near her without hissing and growling at him. I don't know what to do to help them become friends! My boyfriend is ready to give her back to the rescue foundation we got her from!! Help!

Answer by Kate
Hi well there are never any guarantees that cats will become friends, sometimes the best we can hope for is a sort of truce. Any way the best thing i can suggest is for you to read my page about introducing cats to each other and try and follow the advice there. hopefully they will settle down with each other over time (make sure they are both neutered / spayed otherwise you will have issues there with aggression, territory and breeding etc)

here is the page

Hope it helps

best wishes Kate

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