My male cat Fred is acting stranger than normal.

by Shannon
(Hammond, Indiana)

Yesturday he was outside and he came in and was limping and he didn't want to be touched like he was hurting. So i gave him a tramadol and he layed down and layed around after he ate for most of the night, until around 11:30p.m. then he stayed up I think all night hanging out on the counter walking back in fourth knocking a few things off, his pupils were very large and he wasn't meowing like he normally does. He is a very loud cat with his meowing but he wasn't lastnight. Then thismorning I put him out and he didn't want to go but then I finally got him to go out a few hours later. So my girls thought he might have rabbies, what do you think? I am worried about him...

Hi Shannon
Can I ask, the tramadol you gave your cat was it prescribed by the vet for him or was it for humans? I ask this because it can be very dangerous to give cats human pain killers or drugs of any sort as their physiology cannot cope with chemicals and drugs the same way as our bodies do.

Yes it sounds like your cat may have twisted his leg in some way and the other symptoms may have been a result of the drug you gave him, there is no way of telling.

My cat recently hurt his leg and it took several weeks to heal up. He needed anti inflammatory drugs from the vet.

Your best and safest option is to take your cat to the vet to find out for sure what is causing him to limp.

I would have thought that if it was something as horrible as rabies that the symptoms would be far more severe. I don't have much experience with rabies as I live in the Uk and we don't have it here. I would have thought that cats were vaccinated against rabies in countries where it is prevalent. Anyway don't take any chances, take your cat to see a vet as soon as possible.

Hope he is better soon


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