My male cat is acting weird!!

by Trisha
(Turon, KS, USA)


I have a very strange question about my just 6 month old male cat. We haven't gotten him fixed yet and he hasn't started spraying yet. We are getting him finished this week. This cat was completely raised by humans. He was bottle fed and even picked up some human characteristics. We also have 4 baby kittens that aren't even 6 weeks old yet.

Well one of the kittens walked up to the older male cat and the older cat started cleaning him and everything was fine. All of a sudden the older male cat picked the kitten up by the throat (not the neck, although it looked like he tried to pick it up by the neck and missed it a little bit and landed like on the side of his throat) and started walking in circles. Is this normal and what does this mean? The older male cat wasn't trying to kill the little ale kitten was he? The older male cat is normally very friendly and nothing like this has every happened before. We have several cats in the house and he is friendly to everyone of them. I am concerned as to what his intentions were because of how odd it looked. Sometimes the older male acts more human than cat so I just figured he was trying to carry the baby like the mom cat carries them but missed and got a different part of him. If you could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time and have a terrific day.

Trisha Hoover :)

Answer by Kate
Hi no i would definitely say that his intentions were not malicious. It is a bit of a myth the stories of male cats killing kittens.

It is more likely that he looking after them and trying to move them around which is not unusual even for a male cat.

The only danger is if the kitten mistakes the small cats for females and tries to mate with them and then this can cause strangulation, but this is very rare and once he is neutered this will not be an issue.

best wishes Kate

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My male cat is being weird
by: Ash

My male cat is acting really weird he's about 6 months old and has not been neutered yet and he's not spraying he keeps meowing loud and he keeps biting me and we have no other cats he has been raised by people and there's no female cats around him is this normal or is something rong with him??

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