My new adopted cat (supposedly box trained) is peeing and pooping herself.

by Tabatha
(San Francisco, CA)

This is my kitty - Princess!

This is my kitty - Princess!

Hello! My boyfriend and I adopted a 2 yr old Tabby/Calico mix from a rescue foster home about two days ago. I was told by the foster mom that she was box trained. When we first brought her home, we showed her where her food is and her litter box. But she immediately ran under the bed to hide. She didnt move for an entire day, and didnt eat any food or use the litter box or anything. We figured it was just that she was still getting over the car ride, and getting used to the new environment. At about a day and a half, we took her out from under the bed and tried to feed her (I was getting worried because she haddent eaten). At this point, she devoured a half a can of tuna. Then she looked around a bit while on my lap, but then jumped off and went back under the bed. We thought it was best just to leave her and give her some room to acclimate. The next day she had not moved again from the exact same spot under the bed. So we pulled her out and tried to feed her again. This time, we cat proofed the bed with cardboard so she couldnt go back under. (I made her a nice quiet spot with a bed and her food under a high side table) She again devoured a half a can of tuna mixed with dry cat food. Then she peed on me! right while siiting in my lap - didnt even move a bit! So I gave her to my boyfriend to hold, and she peed on his lap too! Again not

even moving, just peeing while laying on his lap. So then we put her on her banklet in her cat bed and went to clean him and our couch up. About 20 mins later, she and her bed started smelling like poop. Sure enough, she pooped herself. So we cleaned that up and put her in another bed underneath by the side table. We left her alone for about two hours before checking on her in her new spot I made up. She was fine so I knelt down and gave her some pets on her head - she likes that, always starts purring when I do that. But then as I was rubbing behind her ears - she lifted her tailed and peed again! right in her bed! and Again she didnt even move!

So my question is this: 1) Is this all sounding normal to you? Do I need to do anything else to acclimate her to her new environment?

Please see this page for more on this

2) Do you think she's peeing because she's not boxed trained? I find it hard to believe that any animal would just sit there and pee/poop themselves?

It is probably due to the fact that she is feeling anxious, she may also be feeling the need to scent mark the house in this way. A few days using the confinement method should help her to relax and get used to her litter tray again. Please see this page for more on this

3) Or why do you think she is peeing/pooping herself and how do I get her to stop?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Ps she is adorable

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by: Anonymous

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for not only answering my question, but also for all the information you provide for free on this site! All the advice you wrote on here has worked for me and my cat (specifically about the box training and bringing a new cat home). She is happy as ever now (she's been with my boyfriend and I one month now) and we've both fallen in love with her.

thank you again!

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