My New Adopted Himalayan kitten Won't Eat.

by Renata
(St. John's Canada)

I recently got a 9 month old male Himalayan cat from my best friend. He had developed a severe allergy to him and asked me if I would take him.

Caesar has only been with me for three days, but he hasn't eaten anything. He just hides from everyone. I am trying to give him his own space and let him come to me but I am so worried because he is not eating. I am feeding him the exact food that my friend was feeding him and I have tried many different treats.
Sometimes he will just hide in his kennel or in his litter box. He will hide under anything with a cover so he feels safe. How long does it normally take for cats to come around? Another thing is that I already have 2 four month old Ragdoll kittens. I have kept them separated for now, but when should I introduce them to each other?

Well some cats can take longer to settle into a new home. However as there are already cats in the home and this new kitten will smell them it may take him a little longer to settle in.
If I were you i would leave him alone for a few more days but to visit him regularly and try to engage him in a game of chase the string etc. Kittens will find it hard to resist a piece of string. This can act as a distraction technique from his fears.

As long as the kitten is drinking either water or kitten milk then not eating for a few days will not do too much harm.

As for introducing the other kittens well, give him a few more days on his own then start the introduction techniques mentioned on this page.

This will take up to a week or so too but don’t rush things, let the cats find their own confidence in their own time. I’m sure that he will find his place in the home soon.
If he continues to not eat for more than a week then you will have to consult with your vet.

Best wishes kate

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