My New Kitten - A Cat Story

by Sam

It was the special day. The day I got my kitten. I thought to myself "Was I ready? After my old cat ran off?" I thought a little more and decided after all that research and searching I was ready.

I grabbed the cat carrier in the middle of the room and got in the car. My mom drove me too the Dairy Bar. I excitedly got out of the car with the carrier. A nice woman came over to me with a tiny solid black kitten.

" Are you Samantha? " She said.
" Yeah, but everyone calls my Sam. " I replied.

She handed me the kitten and I put it in the carrier. " Thanks. " I said and I got in the car. She said goodbye and we drove home. I jumped out of the car and into the house. I put the kitten in his room and thought of a name. " Welcome to your new home. Night star. " I said and now Night star and I are best friends.

Comment from Kate

But, but we need to know more!

How did the lady at the shelter know you wanted that kitten? Had you chosen her before?

What is Night star like? Is she frisky and dun or quiet and a little timid?

Where did the name Night star come from? Its very unusual and so there must be a story behind it?

Also you said your last cat ran away. You didn’t say how long ago that was or what the circumstances were. There must be a story there too.

Come on Sam you really are teasing us with just half a story. Tell us more about your new kitten by using the comments on this page.

Also we would have loved to see a picture of Night star too. If you have one send it to me via my email on the contact me page and i will add it to this page.

Wishing you and Night star many happy years together. Kate

May 13, 2012
the true story
by: Sam

ok so when in put a space in Nightstar it was as typeo and if your wondering where the name Nightstar come from it comes from my fav book series Warriors and well the lady who gave Nightstar to me knew i wanted him through facebook
and thats the whole story want to know more? comment!!

- Sam

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