My New Kitten.

by Mellissa
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

My cat cries and hide's alot. He's atleast 6 weeks old, I got him from an animal shelter, and the first night we got to bring him home, I tried to feed him and he went crazy. He found one of my socks and had it in his mouth holding it and wouldnt let anyone touch him, without him hissing or growling and scratching. He bites hard when you feed him, like he's been starved for weeks. His mother was killed when the kittens were 2 weeks old and 2 of the babies died from starvation. The other 4 babies were put in a box and brought to the animal shelter, with a note attached, saying "We are 2 weeks old, we havent eaten anything in 3 days and our mother is gone".

I dont know how to comfort him, I mean he's adorible. I've always wanted a kitten! I've had him for about 3 days now. He gets along fine with my dog, he treats him like it was his baby. They sleep together and cuddle. And my dog's become very protective of the kitten, when he hears the cat cry he jumps up from wherever he is and tries to look for the kitten. Will he ever warm up to me and my boyfriend, or is my kitty going to be one of those cats who don't like being touched.

I really need to know how to approach him. Thanks;

Answer by kate
My best advice is to urge you to rad my pages here on this site about kitten care (under cat care)as this will explain about what the kitten needs during its early life. It is very important that during the first seven weeks of its life that it is properly socailised and introduced to as many new people , animals and experiences as possible, the page will explain more. Also please read my bonding with your cat page also under cat care, it will advise how to approache a nervous of scared cat and to get them used to coming to you rather than you approaching them.

poor little thing is in urgent need of a mother figure to teach him how to behave etc, guess what the jobs yours. Best wishes and good luck :)

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by: bianca

My sister had the exact same problem
We eventually found out that it was because the owner of the animal shelter had put them near dogs also in the shelter and they had become traumatised and was so terrified

Also on another occasion my sister got a kitten from a shelter and it turned out the cat was born to be a wild cat she constantly showered the kitten with treats and toys and it was neevr happy and when it reached about 6 months she let it out and he returns once a month for a few treats but looks so much healthier in the wild belive it or not ?!!

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