my non stop malting rag doll cat

spankz my ragdoll cat

spankz my ragdoll cat


I have a 9 month old ragdoll he is male, and won’t stop malting (I’m not talking a brush full I’m talking like 8 brushes full he is constantly losing his hair) he lives inside we have our home warm with the fire so we thought that he would be losing his winter coat but he has been malting like crazy 4 months now. Everyone says u just needs to brush ragdolls once a day but I have to brush him lots a day. When we 1st got him he didn’t malt how he does now, I’m now thinking is it because he is getting his adult hair and losing his kitten hair? I’m not sure but it’s driving me mad I’m 4ever cleaning and finding cat hair please help me thank you
janelle and mat

I have some bad news for you I’m afraid. It could well be that your cat will always moult all through the year. It may vary in amount but he may always be shedding fur at some time.

The reason for this is because domestic cats now live comfortable lives with central heating we have messed up their body clock. It thinks it is always summer and so continues to shed.

In the wild when it gets colder the cat gets its winter coat which it keeps until spring when things warm up and then it shed this and gets its lighter summer coat. But without these dramatic changes in temperature there is no need to hang onto the fur.
Also depending on the breed I do think some cats do shed more anyway. My old Maine coon cats with his thick coat used to shed quite lightly and usually we would just find clumps of fur around the house. But my current two cats shed all the time too even though they are short haired moggies.

There are some conditions which can affect the hormones and can make shedding worse such as a thyroid issue but on a cat so young I would be very surprised if this were the case.

I have never owned a rag doll cat so don’t know if they do require as much brushing as you say they do. It may even be that if you brush too often you may stimulate hair growth and make things worse, perhaps if for a period of time you just brush once a day to see if over time things ease.

But the last time I spoke to my vet about excessive shedding he looked at me as if I was mad and said well that’s what cats do. You could mention it to your vet the next time you visit to see if he feels whether or not there may be a hormone issue if he thinks the shedding is excessive.

Best wishes Kate

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Ragdoll fur
by: Lila

Every cat sheds. Some cats less and the other cats more.

Ragdolls are slightly less because they do not have an undercoat - but they are more visible because they have a long and fair coat.

I brush my Ragdoll once a week, and sometimes I stroke it with a wet hand when I stroke it. For this I have two! vacuuming robots running around the house (of various brands) and in each room, air purifiers (cleaning the filters once a month) and water, drum air humidifiers that also catch cat's hair. The system works and cuts down on clutter, but I still have a cat hair cleaning roller. Ragdoll hair is easy to clean with a roller (because it does not stick into clothes too much).

ps. Miniature poodles also shed their hair (like a human) - I have one too, so I know. A nuisance similar to the Ragdoll - but I love them anyway :)

Hair Factory
by: Anonymous

I love my year-old Ragdoll but wow, the hair coming off this animal is truly a challenge. I am very upset with those people that stated they do not shed. They don't know what they are talking about. This is not normal hair. It is long, very fine white hairs that attach to everything, and there is so much of it.
We're getting it on all of our work clothes and we don't even pick up the cat when dressed up. We need to remove hair with a sticky roller every single day before leaving for work. It is getting into our food. Our guests pick it up on them. The insides of our shoes are full of hair. We find it in the car, and she has never been set free in the car. Moving laundry from the drier to the drawer manages to pick up hair. Forget about wearing any dark clothes. It has even clogged up the bathroom sink drain.
It's causing stress. We kept a clean house but we just can't keep up. We spend more and more time cleaning the house and brushing her but it's a losing battle. If you are thinking about getting a Rag Doll cat, heed my warning. Our cat has a great personality and we'll keep her but had we known, we would have looked for another breed. We were misled by bad internet advice.

Living in a world of floating cat fur
by: Sharon

My ragdoll is 1.5yrs old and the shedding is rediculous. Fur is everywhere, on top of my fridge, on my tv, in every nook and cranny, all through my clean washing, in my bed. I am fed up. I love her to bits but i live in a 1 bedroom apartment and i am itchy from it most of the time. I don't know what to do. It makes me so upset at the thought of giving her away but i don't think i can take it anymore.

Rag doll
by: Anonymous

I have a two year old who loves his grooming time.
He does shed a lot but I have notice this year he is shedding a lot lot piles of fur!!!
Could brush him everyday and still the fur keeps coming!!
I have him shaved once a year on his belly as he gets quite matted in that area
I’m contemplating on having him shaved all over this summer just to see if that helps
Would never be without him....fur balls and all..

by: Anonymous

Get some rubber gloves and wipe your ragdoll down every day. Ragdolls are high maintenance and there's no end to their hair production. I get my ragdoll shaved once a year to help with the hair, but I find using the rubber gloves on her daily helps with keep flying and drifting hair to minimum. Remember to change your air filter every month if you have a ragdoll too. Wet hands work too but it's harder to get the hair off your wet hands.

Ragdoll Profusely Shedding
by: Anonymous

We have a purebred/registered 2yo (spayed) healthy female ragdoll that sheds profusely!! Like others commented lots of weekly brushing; less brushing; high quality diet and nothing helps! Like others, I have had cats all my life (usually long haired) and have NEVER experienced this horrible amount of shedding. I keep an exceptionally clean/neat house but all this fur is definitely a challenge. The fur gets everywhere and in everything! Even when I go to use my Keurig coffee maker there is fur in that! She eats in the mudroom and the ceiling fan blades in there are literally covered with fur.I have to wipe them off every couple of weeks. The fur just seems to float around. Forget trying to pet her unless I want to be covered in fur. Vacuuming everyday and it's impossible to keep up with it. My husband is also frustrated with the fur on his work clothes. So many articles on the internet say Ragdolls don't shed or barely shed- just goes to show you can't believe everything you read online & really have to questions if those writing the articles have actually ever owned a Ragdoll. I thought maybe my cat was just different for some reason but after finding this page I see I am not alone. They say hindsight is 20/20; if I knew then what I know now I would not have gotten a Ragdoll. Wish I had a solution; because she is a sweet cat- just don't know how much longer we can continue to deal with the "fur-nado."

Ragdoll Shedding..yep it's non-stop!
by: Mandy

How did I not read this when I became a ragdoll owner 3 years ago. I was researching about shaving my ragdoll when I came across this site.
The fur is a nightmare, my husband complains all the time about this work suits covered in the stuff which just flies in the air all the time. I brush at least twice a week but don't find that it helps an awful lot. I vaccum nearly everyday but the carpet is still covered in fur.
They are very pretty cats but suggest you research some other breeds first!

Same problem
by: Anonymous

I've had cats all my life, but never owned a ragdoll, I've had my two ragdoll boys for nearly a year now, I've never seen shedding like it in my life! I've even woken up and thrown up over my bed having cat hair stuck in my throat,it is EVERYWHERE! I'm constantly hoovering, and I've tried the not brushing so much etc nothing works .. help! As I'm at the end of my tether

Multiply by 2
by: Anonymous

Got to agree with title "ragdoll" multiplied by 2. We have 2, one is 6 and the other 4. We got both 4 years ago and it has been a loosing battle ever since. No amount of combing makes a difference. Shaving is a viable option it's just so expensive. We've done it twice to the tune of $100+ per cat each time and it should be done at least three times a year. You walk thru the house and fine filament just puffs into the air. They are fed a high end dry food but I will try a wet food after reading various posts. I'm doubting it will do anything except get them use to it. I've had cats all my life and I'm 64 but never have I experienced the degree of shedding that these 2 do. If these 2 preceed me into the great beyond, I'm getting a miniature poodle. I hear they shed very little.

Cat hair
by: Anonymous

Oh great so no real solution. So need to find a way to part ways without scarring my child who loves the cat. Cat hair flying in the air and over kitchen counters which are wiled twice a day is too much.

by: Cindy

I do brush them. I use a brush, cat comb, furminator and a Zoom Groom to name a few. They don't like the furminator probably because it has steel teeth. They also matt quite alot. I find the cat comb works the best but I think the hair is here to stay ! They don't really like to be picked up either but they are entertaining and sweet. I'm learning to adjust :-)

by: Cindy

My two ragdolls shed alot. I thought they didn't shed ! It sticks to everything and I'm not too impressed when it's in my food:-( My husband is getting sick of it. I find I don't want to pick them up because of it and that doesn't seem right either.

you need to make sure that you brush your cats fur at least twice a week using a special brush. That way there is less to shed into the environment. It will also make sure your cats coats are kept healthy.

by: Anonymous

I have even worse news for you! I have a 3 year old ragdoll that does the same thing! We have tried overbrushing and underbrushing and neither one makes a difference. As a matter of fact, I found your question while googling the same question! LOL! It is so gros in my house with all the hair. You can even see it floating in the air, and it makes me sick! I'm half tempted to shave the cat, however, I don't think he would be very cooperative! I'm thinking that there is no real solution to this problem!

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