My old Cat throws up a lot

by Bruce


My cat is 15. She has been an indoor cat all her life. She had always been a slender cat.

About a year ago, she started throwing up her food, and it started once per week, then got to a daily occurance. About a month ago it seemed to just stop.

Throught this whole time my cat would eat normally. And she still does.

However, I noticed about 2 weeks ago, after getting up from a rest, she seemed paralized on her right side, she could not stand up. After about 5 minutes it went away. I saw this happen 3 more times over the last 2 weeks,

In addition, she seems very lethargic, although she still is hungry. She seems very thin, although she has always been sleek.

She was never one to sit in one place, but over the past week if you pick her up she will stay on you and purr.

She has always used her litter box, however, lately she has peed in various spots and the occational poo.

My fear is that if I take her to the vet, they will want to put her throguh numberous (expensive) tests, and come up with something that mat prolong her life for a short period.

I dont want her to suffer, but I dont want to be sucked into paying 1000s for tests that may prove nothing mroe than she is old and sick.

If she is suffering, I would put her down, but I dont want to prolong her
suffering with more tests. Any ideas, suggestions?

Answer by Kate
well due to your cats age, like you say it could simply be the signs of old age but my feeling is that there is some underlining illness here as she has started ton poop around the house which could be a sign of her not feeling her usual self and is trying to comfort herself my making the house smell more like her.

unfortunately it is impossible to say whoithout tests just what the problem is. All I can tell you is that my cat is 15+ and about two years ago she suddenly lost lots of weight even though she was eating all the time and then she started to be wobbly on her legs. when we took her to the vets after some test he descovered that she had a thyroid problem and her body was now starting to eat her muscle away hence the wobbling.

She was put on medication and then had an operation and now she is fine again, but yes it was very expensive (we were insured luckily).

To be honest with you the vet can do some basic tests that should not cost too much which should give you some idea what the problem may be and if the treatment will be worth it for her or not. The vet should always give you options (if he is a good one) and he should also be honest with you about the prognosis and expense etc.

best wishes Kate

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