My older boy cat

by Daphne
(Bucks County, PA)

George my cat

George my cat

George is 11, orange tabby, he lost his companion, 10 year old Gracie about a year ago.We waited awhile and he seemed to progress through the grief since we moved and he was no longer smelling her. We moved a long distance so that was an upheaval but he did great. He had started to cry loudly anywhere from 4 to 8 am and it was a loud persistent cry that he wanted interaction. Gracie was gone so he couldn't talk her into grooming or playing, so he opted to try to get me out of bed.Thru the day he was great. He'd play like a kitten with his bouncy mouse and bird attached to elastic string and hanging from the door jamb. He would jump to tackel them and had a blast. We finally got 2 ten week old female kittens. We kept them separate for a week and did the gradual introduction, scent swapping. when I let them out to be with George, they all did well. There was little hissing and figuring out whose dishes were whose but George is so passive and gentlemanly that he backs away and watches the kittens. they have all grown to where they eat, sleep and groom together now. the kittens are still playful but George is very docile now. He moves slowly though he is still climbing 2 flights of stairs but he doesn't get the rips anymore. HE moves slowly

even when he's trying to just lie down. He had labs done 3 months ago and they were perfect, but now I'm wondering about inflammation or arthritis. Is there a simple glucosamine that I can give him. HE gets fish oil tablets. I am taking him off science diet and all the grains and fillers and changing to Wellness. HE was fine a month ago and playful . HE has grown fond of the kittens, What can i do to make him happy again?

yes it is possible that he has developed feline arthritis although test would have to be done to confirm this . I have more information on this condition here


You will see products advertised on there also to try and ease the pain. However a trip to your vets is the best option of course.

As to how you can make your cat happier, well if he is in some discomfort from aching joints then helping to relive that pain will naturally make him feel better and happier. So this is the first thing you need to try and do.

There is going to be a period of adjustment fro your older cat and he may feel threatened or put out by the arrival of the new kittens so it is importnat that he gets extra time and fuss from you for awhile so that he doesn't feel side lined.

best wishes kate

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