My older cat and kitten...

I got a new kitten a while back, a boy. My older cat is a 5-year-old female. She doesn't really like other cats but got on really well with the two male cats I had before (who were fixed.) They were older than her at the time though.

Well, this kitten would attack her, wanting to play, and she'd make terrible aggravated noises. Hissing, growling, etc... Sometimes she'd stop and lick the kitten a few times even though she'd hiss afterward.

Well, the kitten had to be given away because of potty training reasons and I got a new one. This one is a girl instead and she seems to get along just a little bit better with her... But we're still having a bit of the same problem.

Why does my older cat lick the kitten when it seems she doesn't even want to be around her? She runs away and growls when the kitten gets near most of the time, but occasionally grooms her.

Answer by Kate
Well it is all to do with territory. I'll give you an example.

i have two 6moth old boy kittens. they will lick each other then run away and growl or tone will have a feather to play with and the other will watch but the one with the feather will growl. he even brings the feather to the other one and then growls at him as if to say this is mine. but there is no real malice in this, it is all part of normal cat behaviour. letting each other know who is boss in the house.

this could be what your female cat is doing, the growling is her way of saying to the kitten "hey don't forget i am boss".

It sounds to me like you don't have anything to worry about really as she is at least approaching the kitten in a friendly manner.

best wishes kate

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