My Persian Cat

by Chrissie


I have a pure persian cat and he just meows all the time since my last one we had died over 8 months ago we just dont know what to do with him as he is fit and healthy.

We had tryed intruducing him to anouther cat but he scared her away and we are now at the end of out teather as we dont know what to do for the best.

Please could you advised

Many Thanks


Answer by kate

Often when a cat meows a lot it is usually because they have learnt that when they do it they get a reaction. whether that is your attention for a stroke, for food, for a game to be let out etc etc. Even being shouted at or being sprayed with water can be seen as a positive reaction because they have got a reaction of some sort.

So unfortunately the answer is to try and break this habit with negative reactions and to a cat a negative reaction is no reaction ie no sound, no eye contact no touching etc etc.

Now I know this is very very hard to do but they do eventually learn that meowing doesn't get the reaction they want.

I have written a page about cat meowing and also cat discipline here are the links

best wishes Kate

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