My poor kitten isn't as playfull after what happened to him :(

by Larissa

My 3 week old Kitten

My 3 week old Kitten

My brother threw my 3 week old kitten and it landed on the hard bathroom floor on it's back. I yelled at him and he said "sorry last time I did that it landed on it's feet." I'm very concerned for my little kitten and I was wondering if it could have some possible internal damage?? Please help me I'm so worried about my little baby.


You did not mention if your kitten has shown any physical signs of pain etc. If he is just fearful of your brother well then thats understandable. However if you see him limping, or becoming lethargic, or not eating or crying excessively then you will need to take him to the vets.

Keep an eye on him over the next few days and watch out for any possible signs of illness.

3 weeks is very young. i assume he is still with his mother and she is feeding him etc. If not then you will have to take over her duties and feed him the right food etc. i have lots of pages about kitten care on y site which you may find of further interest. here is the first page.


best wishes kate

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I hope this is a troll post!
by: Anonymous

Children who hurt animals (like throwing a 3 wk old kitten!) are of great concern to psychiatrists because it is a sign of a sociopath!
Both the poster and the respondent don't seem nearly as upset by this as they should be, which makes me think this must be a troll post.
If not, well I'd like to throw your brother against a hard surface.. repeatedly. How cruel! Sick! The kitten may well have sustained an internal injurty and should absolutely be checked out by a vet! At that age, there could be serious damage done to the kitten's internal organs or bone structure.

Please find a better home for your pets. No pets should have to live under the same roof as your brother (who should NEVER be allowed to own pets) and I'm also concerned that your mother is not wanting to take the kitten to be checked out by a vet. Pets are not toys or pastimes.. they are living creatures, like humans, and deserve to be treated with respect.
God, I really hope this was a troll post.

A Cat Lover

p.s. to the owner of this site: I'm wondering why you didn't stress that this kitten be checked out by a vet and even more, by the fact that you didn't seem shocked or upset by a THREE WEEK OLD kitten being thrown against a hard surface.. ON PURPOSE! If you are going to have this type of site - please be responsible with your responses and advice! Cats RARELY show pain. Anyone who knows about cats knows this! (which makes me wonder) In the wild, cats who show pain are often killed by other, stronger ones.. so it's in their nature to hide pain. Many cats in pain will even purr. You cannot tell from watching their behavior and this kitten needs to be checked out. I honestly hope you don't delete this post, as your advice is so wrong and could cause cats to suffer if people read your advice to this poster.
Wondering what your experience/credentials are with regards to feline veterinarian care?

Reply from the site owner.
yes I did consider deleting your comment as it is totally over the top and irresponsible.

if you read the post properly you will realise the the girl who asked me the question was a child herself. And yes of course i was appalled at a kitten being thrown but what is the point of spitting vitriol at child.

My experience is not only with cat care but also with people. and I have learned that a response such as yours does nothing but cause more upset and that is pointless.

I believe that the boy would have learned his lesson and won't do it again. children can be and do strange cruel things and will probably will always regret their actions.

What saddens me the most is the fact that the mother of the family did not want to take the kitten to see the vet. This suggests to me that she may be lacking in many skills other than looking after a animal.

Please think carefully in future about your comments. Ask yourself, yes I am angry and yes it is appalling but does your comments really help?

Thank you
by: Larissa

He is still with his mother yes. He hasn't been eating much, just sleeping more than usual. When I try to get him to walk around like the others he just plops down and lays there. My mother doesn't want to take him to the vet. I don't know why! I just pray that he is going to be okay. Thank you for the answer.

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