my poor kitty's

by Donna K. Long
(Decatur, In. U.S.)

Please, if anyone has some real feedback: I took in a kitten about 2 mos. ago, and though skinny, she tested clear for feline lukemia( she did have bloating of the tummy, but seems to have some relief from that now. Next her eye was a bit irritated,but not for long. Now she's been scratching her fur off, bloodying her neck litterally from ear to ear!!! The vet checked for earmites, though didn't see any( treated her with drops, which I continued. Now they think it is ringworm. She is being medicated with a fungal med. now for about a week, but seems to have no relief. Have used hydrocortison, tripple antibiotic, and even desperately tried maconazole, not all at once. I did try alternating... I got to the point of for the last couple of days, putting a non-skin sticking bandage on her to keep her from digging atleast part of her neck. Afraid of infection occurring, and killing her.Wish that was it, but my adult 3 yr. old male has an irrtitated eye, and guess what( blood in stools and urine..... Did recently change food to Iams kitten, and was mixing his reg. with in his bowl. I can't keep them out of each others food, so the vet thought this would be o.k. He has alway had a sensitive belly, but his frequent vommitting made me think:"we'll give it a try. I thought perhaps he was gordging himself, because kitten kind of takes over... Worried about the blood. Care soooooo much about my cats, but the vet bills are killing me!!!! Please help. I know it's alot, but if anyone has had a similar deal ( I'm all ears...)

Response from kate

I have posted this question on the blog for responses from anyone who may have been through a similar situation.

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by: Anonymous

I don't know if you are still having problems, but my cat was having a lot of issues with scratching a lot that she would start yawling in pain but she still scratched because it itched. My vet said she had a yeast infection in her ears and to not feed her food that had corn or wheat in it. The yeast infection cleared up on its own and she hasn't had any trouble since. You could try that, I hope this helps.

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