My poor thinks its their loo

by Jennifer
(Carson City)

My cat keeps pooping on the bathroom rug I put down. Her cat box is in the bathroom also but no matter what rug I put down she will go on it and I dont know what I can put on the rug to stop her. Her box is clean and the area is clean so im confused. I would like to know what I can put on the rug that I would have in my home. She will not go on the floor just only if I put a pretty rug down.....please help.

Answer by Kate
Hi for some reason bathroom rugs are a favourite place for some cats to go on. My own cat was the same. In the end we decided it must be because they feel more tufty like grass etc. So we had to remove the rug for a period of time and prevent access to the bathroom for my cat until she had got out of the habit.

Unfortunately having the litter tray for your cat in the bathroom could be adding to the problem as perhaps your cat now associated the bathroom rug with her litter tray.

there isn't much you can put on a rug to prevent a cat from using it. You could try a strong citrus scent as this sometimes prevents cats from going near but if her litter try remains in the room it may also stop her using that too.

If you can I would suggest moving your cats litter tray to another room and prevent her from getting into the bathroom. A period of litter training may also be required to get her back used to using only the litter tray.

best wishes Kate

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