by Linda

My 7 year old cat went to the vet because his tail was down or limp. His trademark is his tail it's always up like an s, and you can see him coming! She said his anal gland was full and emptied it supposeably. She said she felt "pain" around rear end tail area. She said if his tail didn't go up in a couple of days to come back and have x-rays done. He may have a pinched nerve or something else going on. Now, before he went he wasn't eating and his tail was down, and he was under the bed a lot. He does that anyway, but he did it more than usual. Anyway, the next day he was up, and eating in the a.m., but moving slowly and cautiously and his tail is still down. He let us pat him, rolled around on the floor, and played a little, but it seemed to be an effort. Since then about 3 days ago, he is eating, but I'm not sure how much. I have 2 cats. He goes under the bed during the day, I do bring up a bowl of water and food, and I do see that he is eating a little. He is going to the litter box too. He comes downstairs early evening and lies on the floor on a soft blanket I put down for him, and when I get up in the morning he is in the kitchen chair. However, I don't think he can jump. I think he is pulling himself into the chair. He has no problem jumping down. He seems to be tired, and obviously not feeling well.

He usually will for at least part of the day sleep on my bed with my other cat. He isn't doing that because he can't jump, and he wants to be alone. I made an appt. for him at a different vet for a couple of days from now, and they will make sure his anal gland is empty, if it was infected I would think the first vet would have noticed. Also, I'm sure they will do x-rays. He has some kind of pain going on.

He is walking fine, he can go up and down the stairs. But, after that first appt. he is having pain like she aggravated something and some discomfort jumping and his tail is still down. Any suggestion what this might be? I will find out at the Dr. anyway, just wondering.

Thank you.

Answer by Kate
Linda you have definitely done the right thing in making him another appt at a different vets. it is very important that if you do not feel happy with one that you seek help elsewhere.

Your poor cat does sound rather ill, he may have fallen and bruised his back area or damaged a nerve and like you say xrays should show up anything.

I don't know too much about the symptoms of a blocked anal gland but i do know it can be rather painful, so yes it may be this and a possible infection too.

Ask many questions when you go and make sure you come away feeling happier about the diagnosis, theres nothing worse than worrying about your cats health and feeling powerless to help.

I hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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