my pregnant cat is grumpy

by lisa-jane

hi my lovely female cat scarlett is 8 weeks pregnant (as told by a vet) and i was told she could give birth between 8/9 weeks this is her second litter she was due to get spayed 4 weeks ago as the vet was fully booked for spaying cats but she ran away 8 weeks ago and mated i didn't want her to get spayed till the kittens where on solid food i was just wanting to know if her behavior is normal and what it means.

the past 2 weeks she has been mega friendly a lot more than normal but the past 2/3 days she seems a bit (grumpy) she now bites when you stroke her to much she's been lying in the same spot as well and wont move unless she is hungry or needs her tray.

she has put on alot of weight in the last 5 days she has all so been eating alot and fighting my other female cat at feeding time i have to feed them separate now she was a bit wild the 1st time round but was fine after giving birth is this all normal for her and does it mean she might go in to labour soon thanks x

yes it doesn't sound too unusual for your cat if she has been aggressive in the past.

Some cats while pregnant are happy and extra affectionate and seek out people and comfort etc, while others prefer to be left alone to get on with things. It sounds like your cat is the latter.

please see my page about cat pregnancy here on the site. It will give you lots of information about what to expect etc. here is the page

best wishes kate

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my cat is pregnant
by: Donna

my cat is a year and ahalf old. She has never been the most affectionate cat even though i have four cats they are all different.
She seems so sleepy all the time and dose not want to play at all.
She really dosent want anyone eles touching her apart from my son she loves him :)
I am worried because she seems so unhappy is there anything i can do?

Kind regards


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