my pregnant cat

by Anna

Okay so my cat is pregnant, im not quie sure how far she is but i know she is. She just pee'd all over my couch and floor. It was a lot and she has not gone anywhere besides the litter box since she was a kitten. and her cat litter is clean i just wondered if anyone knew what was up or if im just goin crazy

Answer by Kate
well the reason for urinating outside the litter box can be either due to illness, territory marking and or stress.
My pages about cat urination problems gives a fuller explanation of some of the causes.

So in your cats case it may be related to her pregnancy i.e a urine infection or she may be a little stressed out due to her hormones and how she feels generally.

If you feel that she may be ill or are concerned for her health, then a trip to the vets will be the best option even if it just puts your mind at rest.

best wishes Kate

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My pregnant cat is bleeding
by: Betty

My cat is pregnant it shouldnt be much longer until she delivers but she is bleeding and she has urinated in the floor which she has never done. I have had her for years. I got her when she was a kitten and trained her the first day I brought her home. I am just worried because this is her first litter. The blood is a little dark but there isn't a lot of it just spots here and there. I have set her up a birthing spot away from my children and people coming in and out of my home. She know where it is she just will not go in there. I know that she probably has already picked her out a spot but the room that I have chosen no one goes in to. Help explain please

Hi If she is near her delivery date then this is probably just the first signs of her going into labor. In fact I wouldn't be surprised that by the time you read this reply that she has gone into labor.

Please read my pages on this site about cat pregnancy and labor it will give you some idea as to what to expect.

best wishes kate

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