my pregnate cat is vomiting white foam

by jeneyce

my cat is due to have babies anytime (i think ) and she is voiding us and also throwing up alot today. it was pretty normal to start but then liquid and now a white foam kinda stuff. she is not leaking any fluid from rear and her nipples dont seem to be any bigger then a few days ago. i am concerned can you help??

Answer by Kate
well this could be hairballs. Vomiting white foam is often a sign of this. She may have been grooming more than normal if she is feeling a little anxious about the birth of her kittens and this would cause a buildup of hair in the throat.

Usually hairballs are easily moved after a few days by the cat. However there are also things you can d to try and help her. Please see my web page about hairballs here

If you feel that it is connected to her pregnancy then contact your vet for more advice.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

i do know my cat is expecting because i did take her to the vet... i said that i thought she was about ready to have them and that she was vomiting. i have never had a cat who was pregnate and i was asking a question about it! so as far as your comment just so you know i love my animals and they are seen regularly by the vet. to those of you who did send comments that pertained to my question thank you and i really am greatful. and the update is i did take her to the vet due to her vomiting blood after the foam only to find out that because of her age just barely over a year she has a small tear in her uterus and that i was told is common so they gave her some tlc and medication and she is doing fine. still no babies but nesting and progressing well she has about another week till delivery according to the doc. and again thanks so much.

my pregnant cat is vomiting white foam
by: Glenda

If your cat is pregnant and it seems your not even sure of her condition then it would be advisable to have her checked by a vet. One confirming pregnancy two,getting approximate time of delivery and three, having a professional opinion and check up regarding her episode of vomiting. While vomiting can have many simple causes it is not wise to assume anything given she MAYBE PREGNANT!!! Professional, experienced pre-natal care is just as important for our pets as it is for ourselves.

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