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sparky :)

sparky :)

My cat NEVER does the traditional "meow" he just makes like a half purr half whine kind of noise, which is cute but anyways my question is,the other night when we got home from the vet(which he loves oddly enough) i was sitting on the couch in the living room and i herd a noise that i had never herd before. it sounded like a little kid or something, then i realized, it was my cat! meowing! so i run to where he is and hes in the front foyer by himself. happy as can be... it was soooo wierd. And i know its not like he needed to go outside because he's and indoor cat. So anyways i go about my night and everything is fine, then in the middle of the night i'm woken up by his frantic meowing again! But still nothing was wrong with him. he was happy! I just want to know why all of a sudden he's meowing? im not annoyed or anything i'm just wondering why he's randomly meowing at nothing...

Answer by Kate
I think you have answered your own question. Cats are random.

Unfortunately there is no way for us to know why cats do this sort of thing ouit of the blue, if we did well life may be easier (or is that harder) who knows.

Anyway cats usually meow a lot at night as this is the natural time for them to be hunting, exploring etc in the wild and they retain these instincts. It could simply be that when he was at the vets he saw something in the street which has triggered this instinct.

My guess is that after a few days he will settle down again into his old routine.

great picture, love his white bib.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

Our boy cat does the EXACT same thing. He's super quiet and his "I'm hungry" meow is so small sounding. However, he goes kind of bonkers meowing, clawing at and staring at the corners in our foyer!
We just chalk it up to ghosts. He does the same thing under our half folded away table.
I did start to wonder if he had cabin fever.
Paranormal cat-tivity.

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