My Siamese cat has a urine problem


My Siamese is 3yrs old & well behaved. Two new roomates just moved in and I believe she likes them. This morning she urinated on a pillow and then on a chair. This is the first time she has done this. I noticed afterwards that her left eye was lazy and that it was producing a greenish mucus. I read your page on Cat Urine Problems and she has been neutered, so I am uncertain if this is her spraying. I am wondering if she urinated because there is something gong on with her eye or is it the new living arrangements with the roomates that is stressing her out? The incident happened late this morning. It is now 9:30 pm and I have not noticed any other urine spots anywhere in the house and her eye has not produced any mucus since this afternoon. I asked my new roomates to give her some space.

Thank you for the time & attention you put towards my question.


Answer by kate
well the urination could be because of the new situation, however it could also have been because she is not feeling well.

If I were you i would have her eye checked out first to see what could be causing tis. If after treatment the behavior continues then you will know that it is because of the situation in the home, in which case your at would benefit from some litter training using the confinement method to help her calm down an relax. the process is described on this page

best wishes kate

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