My two cats hiss at each other now

by adele


i have 2 cats a 9 year old male and a 4 year old female. Both have been neutered and have lived happily together for many years. We recently had a baby who is now 5 months old so i don’t know if this may contribute towards the problem. In the last week my female cat has been growling hissing and attacking my male cat jenkins. The noises she is making are the noises she makes she meets another cat and has never made these noises towards jenkins. i don’t no what is wrong and how to make things better. He wants to be near her but she won’t let him and I’m worried about him eventually turning on her. He is being very patient and when she is attacking him he is not really fighting back but jenkins is a very very big cat and i have seen him fight on many occasions with neighbouring cats and get the better of them. What if he gets sick of her attacking him and turns on her she will end up getting hurt as she is only a small cat. Please help as i want my cats to be happy and back to sleeping and playing together.

I’m not sure if this is a problem or not. Cats do fight, cats do hiss at each other even if they have lived together for many years. I have two male cats who are brothers and for the first two years of their lives they were find together but now from time to time one of the cats will hiss at the other one if he is even nearby.

Even neutered cats are still territorial so it may simply be this. However there are also fear issues which can arise from time to time. To better explain this issue I have written a page about it here


Using the introduction method can help to resolve these issues when they arise.

Best wishes kate

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