My weird cat has flat ears.

by April
(Ingleside, Tx USA)

Tom Tom our cat

Tom Tom our cat

My cat is not a scottish fold, just a regular mixed breed from stray parents, but his ears are flat, like at a 90 degree angle. They cannot stick up. Even the vet thought the cat was mad but that is just how his ears are all of the time. He always looks mad, but he is the most loving cat I have ever owned, and I have had many. Is this usual? I cannot find a single picture of his particular condition. I hope it is because we fixed him, so he cannot breed.

Reply From Kate
No this is not usual and I too have never seen a normal cat with flat ears.

I don't think it would have anything to do with him being neutered though.

You did not mention if this is anew occurrence or whether his ears have always been this way.

If it were a new occurrence i would have suggested that he had some sort of ear mite problem but i would assume that the vet would have checked for this.

Cats ears are made from cartilage and so this why they normally stand up as this is fairly stiff but flexible.Something must be causing the cartilage to weaken in some way. If he has always been like this then maybe it is just a birth defect.

Shame you did not send a picture, I would have liked to see him.

best wishes kate

Thanks for sending me the pictures. i think he looks fantastic. Look at that face, so much character.

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My 2 cats have the same ears!!!
by: Kari

I have 2 cats I got as kittens (brother and sister) and they both have the same ears. I can't attach pictures here but can send them if you'd like to see. Have you found the breed yet? I've been looking for years too and only found some oriental cats that are kind of similar.

Stray cat with Flat ears
by: Jennifer

I am also in texas and know of a stray Tom cat in houston with those flat ears. There is another tom which I think may be his son that has 1 flat ear and 1 erect ear. Maybe this is a unique genetic trait?

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