My Wonder Cat

by kaitlyn
(Akron, OH. U.S.A)

me and tabitha

me and tabitha

My cats story starts when she was only 2 months old. She was the runt of the 4 of them ,all girls. Patches,Gracie,Pork-chop,and my kitty Tabitha. Since we lived in the country the cats were free to go where they please. Which became a problem one late after noon in October ,feeding time has come around and when me and my sister feed the adult cats and give love to the kittens, well we didn't see the kittens, we looked every where in the garage and we both had the same idea momma cat has moved the kittens.As we looked there was no trail of where she had put the kittens not even a little sound of a kittens was heard.Since it was getting late we decided we would look tomorrow hoping for the best. When I woke up the next morning I was worried that the kittens were going to be gone forever and my sister said stay positive ,we will find them. So we went looking and the first thing we did was follow momma cat to see if she would lead us to the kittens,that plan didn't work so well. So now we were on our own we looked in the neighbors yard they had a huge old barn and we looked in there and there were no sign of them but then we started to see where momma kitty was hang in around so we looked around there and on the ground was a tire laying on its side and I looked in there and seen a white thing and I picked up and it was my kitten Tabitha ,so happy to see her I was screaming I found them I found them and kissing her and hugging them, so when we got home we decide putting the kittens outside wasn't a good idea so we took momma kitty and the kittens in our room and put them in a box with a blanket ,and everything was good til January 31,when the kittens big brother Boots got hit by a car right in front of my sister on her birthday , it was horrible my sister said it was the worst birthday she could ever have. Boots was a momma's boy a big momma's boy he was 1 year old and still acting like a kitten by drinking milk like one and wanting to be treated like one also ,he was one of my sisters favorite cats,and one of the kittens favorite play mate. As the years went on things started to fall apart for Tabitha because her sister Patches

has ran away and Gracie and Pork-chop were giving away and later reported as running away to. When Tabitha's dad Kadenz ran away we were all heart broken but Tabitha got hit most with sadness, soon things became very lonely when Ally ( Tabitha's mom) had to be given away because she kept having babies. So that's when I let my older cat Pumpkin move in with us.As days went on Tabitha and Pumpkin became BFFs and were un-splittable and grew a great bond together.Later in the year we had gotten another cat called Bear ,our tom cat. He was the kind of cat that would repopulate a whole country in a week ,as years went by we got rid of Bear and when I got in 6th grade I wanted to go live with my dad so we made the plans and there was one problem....... I could only take one cat. My heart dropped but I had to choose saying goodbye to one and splitting them apart like that,but it had to be done . I decided to choose Tabitha. My mom kept Pumpkin for a month and then I had to say good bye to my very first pet for real, never to see each other again.When I went to live with my dad he lived in the city so it was a new environment for both Tabitha and me.The first thing that came to my head was at least we have each other.As years went by we learn something together and have the best times together, and the only thing I'm hoping for is that all of the other cats of mine that have lost either lost lives or are some where out there to be in a better place ,to have a new home or to be safe

Jan 28, 2013
My wonder cat
by: Tracy

Thank you for sharing your story! I love cats. I have 2 cats and I feed the stray/feral cats here where I live. If I had a house I would keep them all with me! I just want you to know that a cat does not have to be given away if they keep having babies..she just need to be spayed so she will not be able to have babies any longer. Pet owners need to be responsible to have their pets spayed or neutered so if they are allowed outside the males aren't getting the females pregnant. This is how the population of stray cats multiplies. Always get your cats fixed. That is the first thing i did with my cats.

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