Mylie The Cat

Mylie the cat - My name is Sandra and this is my cat.

Mylie is a female and is 4 months old. She lives in the United States with me.

Her favourite food is: Royal Canin

This is what I like doing the best:
She loves to bother her new friend, Mickey. Mickey is over 6 years old, and was adopted in June 2002 from Clifton, NJ shelter as a B'Day gift to myself.

Her funny habits are: When it gets dark, she thinks she sees another cat in the sliding glass door. Her hair goes up and she starts bouncing back from the door. It is definitely a funny sight to see!

How I found /mylie the cat: My fiance, Frank, and I adopted her for my B'Day in June 2008 from a foster mom. I found her on Petfinder.

Mylie was welcomed to our family 2 months ago. Now she is 4 months old, and in perfect health per the Cat Doctor last Friday. Our family (Frank, another cat Mickey, and me) do not know what we would do without her. Thank GOD she is in our life!

Mylie Sunbathing

Mylie loves to rest in the sun on the back enclosed patio.

Comment by Kate
She certainly looks happy and content. At the moment sun bathing seems a distant memory here in the UK.

Mylie Up Close

Mylie wants to know everything. I caught her following me on the staircase.

Every cat i have ever known loves to sit on the stairs and peek at me through the bars. i think they think we can't see them.

Mylie & Mickey

Mylie loves hanging with Mickey. They will be friends forever.

comment from kate
Looks like someone is going to be pounced on.

I love it when cats get along with each other. I have never owned more than one cat at a time and have never seen two cats snuggle up to each other. So sweet.

Mickey & Mylie Sharing Space

Mickey and Mylie share a window with a view.

Comment by Kate
I once read a book where they referred to a cat looking out the window as them reading the daily paper. I.e catching up on what's going on outside. I loved t.hat idea and now when ever I see a cat looking out of the window I think oh they are reading the paper.

Mylie @ Work

Mylie always keeps my company while I do not work from home.

Comment from kate
I'm lucky i work from home so my cats are with me every day while i work. It's lovely and i think every office should have a cat.

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