need a good nights sleep..

by Jon

My 5 year old cat who has lived with me for3 months has been meowing way more frequently the last 2 days. I cant tell if theres something wrong or if he just wants more food.. When I get out of bed he leads me to the kitchen though.. any ideas??

Answer by Kate
firstly you didn't mention if your cat is neutered or not. If not then this could be the reason for the night time meowing.

if he is neutered then he simply has got into the habit of wanting night time feeds and attention. cats are naturally more active at night time and they just don't understand why we are not.

you will have to try and establish a night time routine for him

play a energetic game with him about half and hour before bedtime to help wear him out. Also feed him just before you go to bed. then you will have to place him in another room with his toys, bed, litter and fresh water.

if you follow this routine every night he should eventually learn not to wake you at night time.

this is a common problem for many owners and it can be very distressing when you loose sleep all the time. Don't worry though if you can be persistent and constant with the routine things should settle down soon.

best wishes Kate

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