need help with an aggressive cat

by naoni
(coventry uk)

i have a male unneutered cat he is about 6 months old. He has now started getting very aggressive toward me and my 2 children and any guests i have round and he scratches and bites for what seems no reason at all he also has now started destroying items around the house clothes bottles for youngest child childrens toys furniture carpets and doors.I at first thought it was because he was bored so bought quite a few different types of toys which he shows no interest in i then thought it was because he was hungry and no matter how much food tinned meat and biscuits i put down he eats but still acts the same. need help to sort this problem out soon as i am pregnant and very worried about the cat attacking the baby . i was already pregnant when i got the cat and this behavier has only just started over past 2 weeks ..

Naoni there is a very simple answer to your problem. At 6 months old your male cat now needs to be neutered.

His behavior is completely normal for a un neutered tom cat. Having him neutered will not only reduce his aggression but also make him into a much more contented cat. there are also health benefits for your cat as well as the obvious bonus that if he gets out he cannot cause unnecessary cat pregnancies.

i have lots of pages about cat neutering on my site which you may find of further help. but to be honest it really is the best thing for your cat right now.

here is the first page

best wishes kate

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Cat behaviour has changed since I got pregnant
by: Moira

Has anyone experienced their cat's behaviour change during pregnancy.
I have a very strong bond with my cat Sugar (normally), but since I got pregnant her attitude towards me has been quite aggressive. She actually clawed and bit me the other night for trying to stroke her on our sofa. She's never done this before. I am now covered in facial scratches. Can anyone help?

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