Neglected Kitty

by Meaghan

A distant friend got a farm cat for the purpose of controlling the mice problem in their home. However, this kitty never saw a vet to be neutered, get shots, or anything whatsoever. After the owner responsible for him moved out, kitty became very thin and sick, as he has spent time on the streets of Toronto. No one took responsibility for his health, and he was frequently exposed to abuse such as burning of whiskers ( at house parties) and play much to rough for any kitty or cat (picking up by tail, shoved, kicked). I frequented their home as a guest and saw the neglect for a matter of months. I did not stay quiet, i told them off for that treatment and commonly changed his litter and fed him (his litter was horribly dirty - weeks at a time before scoops). He was fed cheap no name dry cat food and his water was dirty. Frankly, he was treated like s**t. Finally after one visit i'd had enough and couldn't hold back my maternal nature any longer. I came back three days later, marched in and took him in my arms and walked out. He was so thin, hardly any hair, little emotion, moved very slowly.

They were happy to see him go and I had permission to take him. I remember how sickly he looked, it was awful.. it makes me tear up! I took him directly to the vet where he got his first set of shots, booked an appt for neutering, and wad treated for: worms, parasites, ear mites, fleas... Everything he had! I remember him being emotionless, exhausted, brittle, and weak,
hardly had the energy to move! He laid on my bed all day. Then something happened, his fleas fell out, his eyes got bright, he had a personality! I fed him top of the line food, fresh clean water, bought him new everything under the sun. It took him nearly 5 visits to the vet (treatment for a very rare worm) as well as eye medication to get him healthy! He gained 4 lbs! He has been with me for 9 months and is a bright eyed, healthy glowing fluff ball! Hes active, friendly, sweet, and the love of my life! I have never got so much joy from any investment in my life! I have spent over 600 dollars to get him healthy ( and im a broke student), but i have received more from him than money could ever buy! Take note, I have always been a dog person, but I cannot watch animals in pain! So it's a happy ending!

Comment from Kate
What a fantastic story. I can't tell you how amazing you are.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Well done you!
by: Andrew & Ann Cole, Mojacar, Spain

As people who have rescued unwanted and unloved kittens, your story resonated with us and we just wanted to know that we think you are a hero! If you ever have a moment do post a photo of your cat, Also.... what did you call him? A&A
Awesome story
by: Dan

Thank you for being such a wonderful person and helping that kitty. It really hurts me to hear about any animal suffering. You did a great job! That kitty will love you for ever.

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