neighbours cat doesn't want to leave!

by linda

A neighbours cat has been visiting us since she was a kitten, probably wrongly during her first winter we let her in on a night, (these neighbours keep their cats out all the time). This cat was hand reared and so she is very friendly, she also tried to get in all the houses in the street. I keep taking her home after a few days thinking she must be hungry, they keep her in for a few hours then put her out again. Next thing she's back at our place. This has been going on for a year and a half now but just lately it's like she wants to stay with us, I'd be happy to have her but feel like I am stealing my neighbours cat! my husband says it's my fault for letting her in, to keep her out of the cold in the fist place. She was the runt of the litter and a sickly little cat. What can I do now, it breaks my heart to leave her sitting on the doorstep in the bad weather.

Answer from Kate
this is a common problem and one that i myself have been on both sides of the fence with.

I have two cats who come in and out of my home but i also know my neighbor lets them in their house for hours and although i do not mind this i do not want them to feed them.

However every situation is different and your best option is to speak with your neighbor about the situation. Find out how they feel about the cat coming into your home. Do they mind you feeding it and perhaps you could also sound them out about whether or not they are happy to keep the cat or whether or not you could take it over and pay for vets bills etc. It all depends on how tehy feel about the cat and how you put it across.

I.m sure if you come across as all very apologetic but concerned etc that they wont feel that you are trying to steal the cat from them.

Sounds to me like they are not too connected with the cat anyway if it spends most of its time outside. They may be happy for you to take it over, especially if it means you take care of vets bills etc.

I had two cats once and one of them decided to move to another home just down the street. Although we were sad we could see the cat was happier there and that she was being cared for, so we were happy for her to move.

So go ahead and speak to them, at the very least you can come to some arrangement about the cat one way or another.

best wishes Kate

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Cat wants to stay
by: Anonymous

This cat lives several blocks away but he wanders the neighborhood sitting on various front door mats. I give him treats, water, pets and brush him and he also naps at another neighbor's house. The owner says he sleeps in her basement - perhaps with her other cats. I believe he wants attention and not to sleep in the basement. It's an affectionate, domestic animal. My sister says I lured the cat but I believe it doesn't get the attention it wants with the owner. I feel the owner is kind enough but the cat wants more attention. What to do ?

Thanks Kate...
by: Anonymous

thanks for your comments Kate, you answer agrees with what I've got in my head! My only worry is the neighbours do not mix at all, they don't even say hello. What if they say no....i'll still have the heartache of the poor cat on my doorstep. :((

Comment from Kate
If that happens you will have to make a decision. Either stop taking the cat in or continue as you are regardless. Sometimes all you can do is to try to make things right. Good Luck

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