neutered cat mounting.

a neighbour's neutered 15 yr old cat has recently decide to move to my house. He spend the night with me and daytime with her. Recently he has started to mount my arm, bite my hair during night...he sleeps on my bed. He is a very gentle cat. What causes this and what do i do when he does it. Liz

This is not an uncommon problem is more to do with instinct and memory than any really hormonal desire.

I have seen this happen before with neutered males it is normal a short lived issue and may have just been triggered as he is new to you and your home and this may have triggered some memory combined with instinct and mixed feelings of contentment. All very complicated and something we can only guess at.

When he doe this just quietly remove your arm and put him on the floor gently repeat if necessary. he should forget about it and go and do something else. Spring time may also be trigger for these instincts too so as i say this short be short lived.


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