Neutered cat spraying!

by Tom
(Woonsocket, R.I.,)

One of our several!

One of our several!


We have several cats. All of these cats have been spayed/neutered for at least 3 years. They have all had their shots, and are up to date. We have one cat though, that once in a while, will spray (he is a male). I have asked the vet why this would happen, and their answer was that there may be something outside that is scaring him. All of our cats are indoor cats, and he is the only one that this seems to be happening to. Is it possible that there really is something that might be scaring him? This is the first time that I have ever heard of this happening!
Any suggestions would be great!!

Answer by Kate
well there are many reasons why a neutered cat would spray occassionally. because of this I have written a web page about it which will explain further. The page also contains information on helping your cat re train to use the litter tray if need be. here is the link to the page

best wishes Kate
Your cat is definitely chilled out in this picture, so cute.

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cat spraying
by: Zoe Davis

Thanks for the great article.

I'll put these great cat spraying tips to work right away.

indoor male cats spraying
by: barb b


my cat RV lays the same spread eagle way yours does!!! LOL yes he has been spraying...cant figure it out...making me crazy!! i have 3 other males all are inside cats neutered...they dont do my sister sugessted to take orange peels and lay them around wherever the cat sprays..she said they hate orange husband thinks im sister used to do this for one of her cats....she used to work for a im trying it i will let u know how it works....I HOPE IT DOES

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