neutered male siamese peeing on dog's beds~WHY ?

by Stefani Birman
(Madison, Ohio)


Rehomed a gorgeous, neutered/declawed cat 2 mo. ago.He just turned 1 year old on 5/08/2010.He was brought into the home with 4 dogs.Appears to have adjusted well to them, and us !Last week he started to pee on the dogs beds which are positioned through out the home.I have caught him action 2 x's and confined him to the room where his litter box is located for a few hours.HIS LITTER BOX IS EMPTIED AND REFILLED DAILY, NO NEW LITTER BRAND, AND HE HAS NO UTI PER OUR VET. Why is he now doing this ? I really want to keep hm and not get rid of hm, as he as a cool personality.Is he makng a statement for the dogs, or just contrary ? Is there a product available at Petsmart to spray to stop the peeing ? I am at a loss , husband will not tolerate this indefinetly ! H E L P !!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Kate
first of all your cat is displaying a normal behavior for a cat. he is scent marking territory to stamp his mark on the home. Two months is not a long time and he still feels probably that he is not quite settled into his new home.

other pet beds and human beds too are a classic place for them to scent mark. this is because the scent of the other animal is strongest there and they are trying to add their own scent. this is a way for them to feel that they belong.

All you can do is to use the confinement method of litter training for a longer period of time, normally a few days to a week. this gives the cat time to calm down and to feel more secure in a smaller environment. then introduce them slowly back out to the rest of the home and the other animals.

the process is described here

he is a gorgeous looking cat by the way.

best wishes Kate

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re: Cat peeing on dog beds, etc. RESOLVED !
by: Stefani Birman

I posted in May about how my rehomed male cat was peeing.

I am pleased to say it is resolved, and has been for approx. 6 weeks now. He is declawed, and I was so afraid tht I would not be able to keep him. We all KNOW that there is NOTHING like the odor of cat urine in the house !

1st: I locked him in the laundry room, where his litter box is kept. Occasionaly, I went in and put him in his litter box. I did not completely abandon him, as I did go in there and talk to him througout the day. He started to use it again, and I left him in there for approx. 3 days.

I purchased a spray bottle of,"Comfort Zone - Feliway" at Petsmart.I sprayed 1 x on each dog bed, throw rugs, our bed, and at the entry of each door way.I continue this routine daily.

A 75 ml bottle is approx. $32.00, and lasts if u use it sparingly. The "feline pheromones" calm the cat, and as far as I am concerned, it is MAGIC IN A BOTTLE !

I highly recommend the product.

"MUTCHKA" & peeing on the dog's beds.....
by: Stefani Birman

Thank u for the wise answer.
I so want to keep him.
I am going to do wha u suggested, and
also after researching, am going to buy and
try, "Feliway."

I will let u know if it was effective. A tad pricey, but worth it if is effective !

Go bless you and again, thanks from me on the
shores of Lake Erie !

Comment from Kate
Your welcome. i haven't used feliway before and so can't recommend it. i hope it helps though

best wishes kate

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