Neutered Males and Roaming

by Sarah
(Whitewater, WI, USA)

Kovie My Cat

Kovie My Cat

My male cat Kovie will be 2 on Sunday. For exercise I take him and my other cat on walks and they follow me. Kovie grew fond of using the restroom out doors and began asking to go outside to use the bathroom. Usually he does his business and then comes back inside. Lately, since it has been getting warmer he has begun going on adventures where he disappears; but when I call him he comes sprinting back from across the street or somewhere else.

On Monday, March 1, Kovie wanted to go out at 7:00PM, so I let him out. In about a half hour I tried calling him and he did not come. In another half hour I tried tapping his can and he still did not come. After two hours I began searching for him around the neighborhood with his treat jar. I called him and whistled for him, but he never came. There was no sign of Kovie anywhere. Throughout the night I waited and searched the entire neighborhood and perimeter but still found no sign of Kovie.

It has now been 24 hours and I am very worried because he has never been missing for this long. Kovie typically always comes when I call him or whistle.

So, my question: Is this normal for an neutered cat to wander or roam?

I am desperately trying to piece together the puzzle and find Kovie, he means the world to me. Any advice on how I should find him would be greatly appreciated.

I already contacted his microchip, all vets, all surrounding humane societies, and police station. Also I made flyers and put them around the neighborhood. I talked to neighbors, but no one says they have seen him. Also, I have been putting his favorite food out. He was wearing a collar as well, which leads me to believe that he has not been caught.

Answer from KAte

yes this is not unusual even for a neutered cat. I have two male neutered cats and they too will disappear for long periods of time, sometimes over night too.

However i would suggest checking with neighbors sheds etc as my two have both been locked by accident in a neighbors shed.

Keep calling him and placing some food outside for him. My sisters cat went missing for 9 days and then simply turned up so don't worry just yet. keep doing what you're doing and if he can he will come back.

Hope you find him soon

best wishes Kate

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