New 3 month old Kitten with leaky diarrhea-Help!

by veronica

I am currently living in China where our family has decided to adopt 2 -3 month old kittens. One of them was a little on the skinny side but thought nothing of it. Since we have brought them home we have noticed the skinny one poo was very soft. Well it went from soft to pure diarrhea. We went back to the vet and they gave us a medicine that was suppose to be a dewormer. A couple of days after taking that the cat began to have serious diarrhea so bad he couldn't control it. It would just leak out. So back to the vet we went. They then said to keep him away from food and water. They gave him an injection, we have no idea what this was for, i think it was to possibly help with his fluids. They then told us to give him something similar to pedialyte. Well we didn't feel like keeping him from water was right so we continued his water. For that day no leaky poop. Today we started feeding him again with the pedialyte, rice and a little bit of cat food. Well about an hour ago leaky poop is back. Not sure what to do. The vet had told us that he thought the kitten would die in a week if he continued to have diarrhea and currently all business' are closed for Chinese New Year. BTW beside the leaky poop our kitten acts pretty normal. eats, drinks and plays. Thanks for all your help.


Answer by Kate
Diarrhea can be caused by many things and so I hope the vets have checked for all possible causes.

Please see my page here for a list of some of the possible causes

As for how to treat it, well you are right not to keep them from water as dehydration can occur quickly.

I have another page with some advice on how to help you cat here

I really hope he gets better soon.

best wishes Kate

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