New cat and old cat fights

by Stephanie Meads

I have an older cat, about 4 years old. Almost a week ago, we got another female cat about the same age. My older cat is having a real hard time adjusting to the new cat. They hiss and fight with one another and the older cat has "marked" her territory in my room. I have started seperate litter boxes and food trays. How long will this behavior continue. Do I need to get rid of the new cat or will the older one adjust?

Answer by Kate
the secret bis in how they are introduced to each other. they need time to get used to each other without fear of attack etc. The best way to do this is with a period of introduction (described here on my web page ). try this for a week or so before allowing the cats freedom of the house.
It can take a little while for cats to get used to each other and usually at the worst they will at least be able to live in some sort of harmony (maybe not best friends).

best wishes kate

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