New cat and their litter tray

hi ive just got a cat on Monday its about 6 month old ive put a litter tray down and its drinking and eating its hiding and ive checked every where and its not been to the toilet is it because its not use to cat litter but i thought it would do it in the room where he is at the moment because he keeps hiding ??? please help and reply a.s.a.p

Answer by Kate
It can take a cat a few days even weeks in some cases to settle down and get used to his new home. You must allow the cat to find their confidence in their own time and not try and force the issue, if they want to hide, fine let them hide, they will eventually learn to trust you. You can help this by following the bonding method described here

As for the toilet issues, well again they may not be used to a litter tray and need a little time to get used to that to. Make it it is always clean and placed in a position where the cat will feel safe, so a quiet spot where people are not always passing etc.

cats are essentially clean animals and they prefer to go somewhere where they can dig it over so a littler tray is the perfect spot for this.

I have a page about litter training which you may also find of interest here

Looking after a cat has lots of responsibilities as you know and so you may find reading through my site of help as it advises about feeding, vaccinations and neutering and all sorts of general cat care which will ensure your cat remains healthy and happy with you.

best wishes Kate

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