New Cat Bowls For My Fussy Feeders

by Kate

New Cat Bowls For Shelley and Byron

New Cat Bowls For Shelley and Byron

Well we all know that cats can be fickle things don't we? And finding the right cat bowl for my two boys Byron and Shelley has been an ongoing saga!

I've tried big bowls and small bowls, plastic dishes and metal dishes and all sorts in between.

One of the main problems I had was that Byron kept picking his food out of his bowl and putting it on the floor next to him to eat. Lovely! Cat food all over my floor, even if I had a wipe clean cat mat underneath.

That was before I knew about 'whisker stress' which you can read more about on my page all about cat food bowls. The bowl I was using at the time was too deep and narrow for Byron and his whiskers would have been rubbing against the side of the food bowl and irritating him.

Byron has always been a fussy eater anyway, so having his whiskers tickled every time he tried to eat was obviously too much for him. He even started eating less and losing a bit of weight, poor thing! So I got some much bigger and wider bowls.

This time I had a different problem where both kitties would spend ages chasing their food round their new dishes. And because these new cat bowls had shallow sloping sides, my kitties even ended up pushing their food up and over the sides. Yep – more cat food all over my floor.

But now they seem to be two happy cats with their current cat feeding bowls in the shape of a couple of nice ceramic dishes. Not too big, not too small, not too deep and not too narrow. Wide enough not to cause whisker stress but deep enough to contain the food nicely. Just right!

And so far, I don't have to keep cleaning my floor so often!

If you want to find out more about choosing the right cat food bowl for your kitty then check out my other page all about 'whisker stress' and the grooviest, perfect cat feeding dish I have yet seen - the Hepper Nom Nom Dish!

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