New Cat owner with lots of questions.

smokey and bandit 9 weeks old.

smokey and bandit 9 weeks old.

I'am really hopeful this site will help me feel more relaxed owning these 2 kittens.

I have never owned a cat and last saturday my husband adopited 2 doemescated kittens to help keep me company.I have EDS,NARCOLPESY,WPW HEART,ALONG WITH RECOVERING THROAT CANCER.
I have all these questions and no answers so here goes!
the kittens have been litter boxed trained but i'am locking in them in laundry room where their litter box,food,bed is.I would love to have them sleep in my bedroom however i worry about them rooming the house and forgeting where their litter box is.

(Answer by KAte, cats are naturally clean animals and once they know where there litter tray is they will use it, the only time this may change is when their are behavior or territorial issues. Please see my pages on this site about litter training here

Also i keep their food bowl filled at all times is this good or bad.i have them on science diet kitty food dry only.

Answer byb Kate
This is ok as long as they are only eating the correct amount of food each day. I weigh out the right amount each day (on the can or packet) and feed it to them through out the day, this usually means that there are some food in their bowls.

They both sneeze alot is this normal.They have all their shoots.

Answer by KAte
well it could be that they have caught a little cold, keep an eye on this and if it does not stop i would contact your
vet for more advice)

Also i have given them a bath which they both took to very well,I want them to continue being okay with their baths.And because of this am wondering how to go about traing them to not due certain things,jump on counter,climb in cupboards,stay out of my pantry.

Answer by Kate
Bathing a cat is not necessary and can in fact damage their coats. the only time a bath may be necessary is if they get something particularly nasty on their fur. please see this page for more on bathing a cat

I have been told to spray them with water to correct behavior,but does this work and will it make them hate water.

Answer by Kate
No you are quite correct spraying with water is not a good idea as it rarely works and will only cause confusion and fear. instead the best way to discipline a cat is by using their own language or understanding of what is good and what is bad. Please see my page about how best to discipline a cat

I hope i haven't rattled on to much and i really hope to hear back from someone soon thank you so much. SUSAN

Answer by Kate
No thats Ok it can be a lot to take in when you first become a cat owner. May i suggest that you take your time and read through my site, the more you know the easier you will feel about caring for them.

best wishes Kate

P.s have fun and enjoy your cats

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