New female cat with lump under chin.

by Leah

My husband just brought home an 8 month old female cat from an auto shop he's working at. She was pretty filthy, so we washed her & found a med sized lump under her chin near her throat. It's fleshed colored (tho covered in her reg fur), doesn't seem to be painful, bleeding or pussy. It's not hard, but not really soft, either. She is from their shop cat's 3rd litter of kittens. She seems healthy otherwise, just scared to be in a new place. Should we be concerned?

Any sort of lump needs to be looked at by a vet really to be on the safe side.

It may a be a tick? although they tend to be more gray in color or it may be some sort of growth which may or may not be cancerous but should be removed any way as even non cancerous growths can continue to grow and cause the cat difficulties.

Without seeing and feeling the lump it is impossible to say really but if it were me I would want to have it checked out by a vet sooner rather than later to be on the safe side.

I had a cat who had a growth on her ear and although it was non cancerous had to be removed twice because it kept getting bigger and bigger. we eventually got rid of it.

As I say this is difficult to diagnose without seeing it. It may even have something to so with her thyroid glands as the throat area is where they are found. Or cat acne which is found on the chin.

i hope the vet is bale to sort her out soon
best wishes kate

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