New home for a cat

by wendy Smith
(Waubaushene Ontario Canada)

Well where to start. I clean for an older lady and her husband and they had a cat 6 years old with no other pets. Last time I cleaned for them the lady told her husband the cat had to go and they tormented it to catch it as it ran from room to room they were taking her to the pound, they eventually threw a blanket over her and put her in the cage it broke my heart so much that when i got home I talked to my husband and we went to the pound and brought her home.

Now my question is this I have a cat male and a chihuahua dog She hide under our bed all night and when I lifted the bedskirt she would hiss at me and during the night she went down into the basement I brought her food and water down for her the next day and she does not come upstairs . How long will it take for her to adjust or is it just a matter of time. When I go to the basement she will get up on the couch and let me pet her but that is it. She bite the owner when he tried to catch her and she will hiss and try to bite if I attempt to pick her up as I was going to carry her upstairs. We have always had dogs but we rescued a kitten last year and got his needles all done and had him neutured. Please help as we are not very knowledgable with ctas Thanks so much Wendy

Answer by Kate
First of all Wendy, good for you on rescuing this poor cat. i can never understand people who cn simply give a way their pet.

As for your cat settling in. well there are no set times as you can imagine but it is important that you give your cat the right introduction to the house and the other pets so that she can build confidence in a safe environment.

i have a page about how to introduce pets to each other. It does take a little time and effort but is well worth it in the end i find. Here is the page

I also have a page about how to bond with a cat and one about making the home environment interesting for a cat so that they feel more at home (regardless if they are are an indoor or outdoor cat. these can be done once the cat has settled into their home.

here are the two pages

i hope my web pages can help you more. it is a great thing you have done and i wish you every happiness.

best wishes Kate

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