new kitten 6 months old drinking constantly

by angelina
(chicago IL)

Hi we adopted a 6 month old kitten from the human society lastweek. We noticed her bowl of water is gone everyday after I fill it up to the top and it is completly gone 9 hours later. We took her back to the pound and told them and they say they checked her urine for diabeties and she was normal with negative for diabeties. Do you think the antibitoics shes on can cause her to drink so often? She is on antibiotics for a uri and ear mites. Also I got her rabies shot on saturday so not sure if that is making her drink excessivly still. She is very playful and eats and drinks so was curious if you know why she drinks alot. Also behind her right ear she is missing some fur do you know what can cause this? I told the human society about this too and they think maybe from her itching at it alot from when the mites where bad. Not sure why she would only itch at one ear that seemed odd to me. They told me someone adopted her 4 months ago from them and then brought her back lastweek so not sure if they didnt treat her right since she got the ear mites and upper resp infection while with that family. Also the vet says her fur lacks luster and looks like she had a poor diet so I hope her fur starts to shine and look healthy, when do you think her fur behind her ear will grow back? Will that take long? Thankyou much for your answers.

Answer by KAte
Well if she is suffering from uti then this in itself can cause excessive urination which will make her thirsty. Also some medication can cause thirst, so I wouldn't worry at this point I think it just a symptom of her current health issue,

As for the fur issue, losing fur behind the ears is normal when they have ear mites. She may have had them worse in one ear than the other which caused the scratching only on one side. Again once these are treated and the itching stops the fur should grow back over a matter of weeks.

Keep doing what your doing, proving clean water and good quality food and giving the medication and over the next month or so I would say she should be well on the way to being a happy healthy cat.

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best wishes Kate

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