New kitten hiding

by Norma Davis
(Burbank, Calif.)

I presently have a 4 month old kitten and I just adopted another 3 month old kitten and when I brought her home she was scared. I know this is normal, however, I am on the third day now and she has suddenly disappeared. I have looked everywhere. I left her in the cat tree where she seemed to be somewhat at ease, I also took the 4 month old kitten in with me to sleep with the door closed thinking this would allow for the kitten to become familiar with the new surroundings. This morning she is who knows where. have torn my house apart. have looked everywhere that I could even moving furniture. The only thing I can think of is that she might be up under the washing machine. I did move it a bit and even turned it on thinking it would make her come out if that is where she was. I am at a loss, I can't imagine where she could be, as I mentioned, I have moved furniture and looked EVERYWHERE!!! HELP PLEASE. How long before I should start to worry??????? I have gone through absolute HELL, another story that would take too long to explain. I simply don't want to even consider the possibility of her not ever coming out and possibly getting sick or even passing. I need serious HELP!!!!

Thank you for your consideration with this issue.

Norma Davis

Umm what she must have found a nice little hidey hole. I once found one of my cats curled up inside a cupboard on top of my clothes and i didn’t even see him there and he wasn’t a small kitten.

All i can say is that cats have a very strong survival instinct and so it is very unlikely that she wouldn’t come out to eat.

So my advice would be to put the new kitten in one room and to keep the door shut. This is ok and then put out some kitten food for your other cat and wait. She will eventually come out.

Also your kittens need time to adjust to each other in a controlled manner. Can i suggest that you go through the introduction technique described on this page to help them relax with each other.

Don’t worry, keep the house quiet and the kitten if she is hiding somewhere will come out.

I hope you find her soon

Best wishes kate

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