New kitten vs. 7 year old spoiled rotten cat

by Jess

I have a 7 year old female cat who has been the "queen of the castle" her entire life. She was abandoned when she was only 5 weeks old and has been "my baby" ever since. She is completely an indoor cat. So, I have now been so fortunate to have a neighbor show up at my door with "look what I found" - it was a little black male kitten, 10 weeks (approx.) old. He is the cutest thing I have seen since my 7 year old was 2 pounds...

I have had to keep them separated because little one has worms and Coccidia. Everything I have read states that it will take about a week for the cat to warm up to the kitten through the door and contact that way...this is not happening and there is some serious growling and hissing occurring from the older cat. I "tested the waters" by walking the kitten to where the older cat was and while holding the kitten seeing what the reaction was...there was lunging and hissing involved.

I am concerned that my cat is never going to warm up to the kitten and that my relationship with my older cat will never be the same. Am I being ridiculous and impatient? Any advice/suggestions are welcomed.

Answer by Kate
No you are not being silly at all. cats are genially solitary animals and unless they have been brought up with other cats and animals from a young age are unlikely to accept another cat as a friend. however it is possible to get them to at least tolerate each other.

The best method of introduction is to use the safe method where by the cats have contact with each other but are unable to hurt each other, over a period of a week or so they will eventually become used to the sight and smell of the other cat and should calm down.

this method of introduction is described here

best wishes Kate

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