New male attacking female

by Lauren

my new male cat (8 months) is still in tact... I have a 3 year old female who is fixed and who I raised since kittenhood. At first my female hissed and what not and the male just ignored her, but after a day or two of getting used to the house, he now is always looking for her when i hide her and when he sees her, he jets for her. Just recently he chased her and attacked her and it was a full blown cat fight! I made an appt to get him fixed and im hoping this changes it...My question is... after he is fixed, will he stop attacking my female? Is this just his testosterone!???

Answer by Kate
Yes and possible no.
having him fixed will definitely calm him down and he should be less territorial however cats always have a territorial streak and the spats may still occur but hopefully less aggressively.

It is not in a cats best interest to have a full blown fight and risk injury. Often cats fight can sound a lot worse than they actually are.

i would say that his behaviour could also be down to his age. i.e he is still learning how to be a cat, hunting, stalking etc and his attacks may be part of this learning.

Have him neutered and then perhaps re introduce the cats to each other using the process on this page Hopefully these two measure will allow the cats to settle down into a more harmonious life together. :)

best wishes Kate

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