New Male Bengal kitten stalking older female

by Luke


I have introduced a new male Bengal into the house - he is 5 1/2 months old and wasn't neutered, and he is very large - the same size as my two year old female Bengal.
I currently have a 2 year old female who has been spayed.

At first the introduction was ok, both stayed away from each other, a few hisses from the female etc. But after a few days the new male kitten stopped backing down and started circling and "sniffing" "snorting" very loudly at my female. I presumed this was a sex thing, and have had him "done" One week has passed and things are just as bad - my female is scared out of her wits and hides all day - He still snorts and stalks her and is totally not afraid of her hissing, when she trys to come out of hiding he chases her and trys to attack... We have to separate them at night and when ever we go out, and the male screams and rams the door all night trying to get to the female.. I didn't expect this from a 5 1/2 month old ...

Please help .. Is the loud sniffing a sex thing or an attack thing? Will they ever get on? I'm too afraid to let them fight it out as the male gets very aggressive and would do some major damage to my female, which i couldn't allow. This situation is making my-selves and my females cats lives living hell....

Answer from Kate
sometimes after being neutered it takes time for the hormone levels to drop, sometimes weeks. So this may still be an issue for your cat.

My advice would be to completely separate them for a week and then to slowly reintroduce them using the safe method described on this page

This method does take some time and effort but is the best way I know to allow cats to get used to each other and to relax without the fear of attack.

i think time is the cure here but also remember you have a breed of cat here that can be very dominant and so there will always be some sort of territorial issues which will always result in the occasional spat.

Hope all works out

best wishes Kate

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