Newborn Kitten *one week old*

by Chantelle
(Charlottetown, Canada)

He has a sort of pus coming from a bulge that seems to be his penis? if hes a boy. We are very worried of what it might be. He seems healthy enough other than that shiny coat, good weight, everything seems to be fine. His privates just seem to be enlarged and red and pusing. Could it be cause his mother cleans that area alot?

Answer by Kate
Hi yes it is possible but then she may be cleaning this area more if she is worried about something there.

It is always advisable to have new born kittens checked over by a vet if you find anything unusual. It is not uncommon for some kittens to be born with little defects. In some cases they do have intestinal problems which only a vet can diagnose.

I hope all is well
best wishes Kate

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