Ninja kitten - Cat Photo Contest Feb 2013

by Megan
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Tallulah my cat

Tallulah my cat

Tallulah and I found each other in a rather unusual place - the dog kennel at an animal shelter. After looking at the kittens and not feeling any special connection, my boyfriend and I went to see the dogs at the humane society where we live. As we neared the back of the kennel, a woman was bringing in three kittens that her son found in a dumpster on Halloween. I asked her which was the sweetest and she said the black one, that they had named "Timmy" (even though she is a girl) because she is timid. The funny thing is, since coming home, "Timmy" (now "Tallulah") is anything but timid!

Tallulah is not your average kitten, she is a rare breed of kitten ninja. Her ninja skills include (but are not limited to): having the ability to sneak around a room unheard and then pounce on pretty much anything, moving or not; get from one side of the house to another in the blink of an eye; fighting crime that comes in the form of my roommates chihuahua; blending into the darkness of night; using superior balance to walk across the skinniest surface; and as you can see in the picture demonstrated, climb literally any surface, including her owner, Megan.

Feb 13, 2013
Lucky Ninja kitten
by: Anonymous

This is one lucky cat owner and one lucky kitten. So happy they found each other! Love the picture!

Comment from Kate
Great picture. Always love a cat hat don't you? My cat used to wear our large maine coon cat as a scarf all the time. We used to smile all the time about it, but secretly I was jealous.

A ninja cat eh, umm I bet my two could give him a run for his money at sneaking around.

Good luck in the competition.

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