no idea what is going on with my cat

by misty

My husband and I adopted a kitten about a year ago from paws and have had ntohing but problems. He had an eye infection when we brought him home which he gave to our other cat as well as ring worm that he gave to me and the other cat. He had bathroom trouble at first and vomiting. I took him to 3 different vets he was de wormed about 6 times and the last vet just said he is fat. Well his bowel movements smell horrific and he normally has diarreah. Nothing seems to help. He also always jumps out of the box before he has finished flinging his poop onto the floor. He eats a lot and drinks normally could something be wrong? Maybe he is not just fat?

Answer by Kate
Oh dear sounds like you have had a lot to deal with with this poor little guy.

Regarding his weight and bowel movements, there could be a connection ere and the food that you are feeding him may not be agreeing with him and so causing the bowel problems. try feeding him a plainer diet for a few days and perhaps think about changing his cat food to a different brand, perhaps one designed for cats with digestive problems. (please see my web page about cat diarrhea and my page about cat food

Some cats are just generally greedier than others and will eat and eat if we let them and so sometimes we have to be strict about feeding amounts and times etc to ensure that their weight does not increase.

It may well be that if you can get his eating habits and amounts under control and his weight reduces that a lot of his bowel problems etc will ease too.

I hope your cats problems ease over time as I know just how expensive and worrying having a continually sick cat can be.

best wishes Kate

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